Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

This is the rest of the eight graders of Morgan Mill.  Jarrett Blevins is a little undecided but thinks that he might go to Lipan High School and be the manager of football and basketball.  Attending Morgan Mill since third grade, Jarrett thinks that his class mates are the thing that he will miss most.  Career choices are vague but maybe mechanical engineering.  He is looking forward to a trip to Arkansas this summer. 

Norma Hernandez has attended MM since 4th grade and plans on attending Stephenville.  She wants to play sports, such as power lifting, softball, and basketball.  Her most memorable thing is her school family.  Did I mention that Norma played football for MM for three years?   She smiles when she says, “I made a few touchdowns too.”  Softball tournament will be taking some of her summer time, as well as, a Quice for her best friend.  Mrs. Lingle is her favorite teacher.  The cemetery decorating with the flags for Memorial Day will be a school event that she will not forget.  “I was impressed by the tombstones” 

Gabby Mullings has only attended Morgan Mill School.  She will be going to Stephenville High School next year playing in the band and playing soccer.  Cheerleading at the sporting events will be a part of MM that she will always remember.  This summer she will be participating in soccer tournaments in Club Sports. 

Hunter Rudloff has attended MM since 5th grade.  He will be attending Stephenville High School playing baseball, basketball, and golf.  The field trips will be his best memories of Morgan Mill along with the football games with him quarterbacking.  Hunter’s summer will be highlighted by a trip to Colorado fishing.  Mrs. Nachtigall is his favorite teacher. 

Reanna Wall has been in Morgan Mill for five years.  She is looking forward to taking AP classes in Biology at Stephenville.  She will always remember the band contests at Sandy Lake.  One thing that she will not miss is her MM nickname.  She is hoping that it does not follow her to Stephenville.  Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Lingle.  In college, she wants to pursue forensic anthropology. 

Clay Berry has been in MM since kindergarten.  He has been on a transfer since his family moved to Gordon and now he will be attending Gordon High School.  He wants to play football as a running back or tight end.  He will always remember Mr. Edwards when he thinks about MM.  His summer will be highlighted by fishing trips to Colorado and Missouri.  His favorite teachers are Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Nachtigal.  In his speech at graduation, he will be “willing” the seventh graders, eighth graders for next year, the will to win football games. 

Do not miss Morgan Mill Community Dinner Thursday, June 1, the program will be Superintendent Wendy Sanders.  She will be telling us about the past school year plus the new personnel and new programs for next year.  I have heard that they have nine kids signed up for the new pre-k program.  Bring your favorite pot luck dish and come enjoy the friendly talk starting at 6:30.