Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

This is a look back in history column. “Milling Around” started with its first column on October 17, 2004, as a bi-monthly column. By March of 2005, it was already in a mini- series of the history of the churches of Morgan Mill. Using Gene Williams’ book, Hurrah for Morgan Mill, this column is still going.

By March, 2005, the Morgan Mill Community Center was built and looking forward to its Grand Opening date of April 16. The Center had been gifted the two MM High School diplomas dating 1923 of Berta and Alfred Quinn and the ever popular ten historical pictures of MM dating from the early 1900’s donated by the Larry Browning family.

There was a garage sale at the Community Center to help pay for the center scheduled April 1 and 2. At this date the Community Center owed Town and Country Bank a loan in the amount of $35,000. March 27, 2005, Easter Sunday; it snowed.

In 2006, the ladies of Morgan Mill have received their quilting squares from Debbie Lincoln. This fundraiser for the Arts and Craft fair started early so everyone could turn in their own square. The quilt would be quilted later this year. The assignment included a dove. Bernice Larner was the first to turn her “red” dove” square in. Remember the Morgan Mill Wildlife Association.

Its first meeting was March 23 and the program was on cowbirds. Everyone there will remember the lesson on how to snap the neck on these birds. Sandi Herbertson won the prize with her technique.

Kaitlyn Pierce was the student of the month for March, 2007. She was in the third grade. When you see Katy today, all she can talk about is her days at A & M. The March 25 edition of “Milling Around” talks about the “Baptist Standard” article about Bernice Larner entitled, “For seven decades, Larner has made a joyful sound.” It was a great recognition for our beloved friend.

March 2008 saw the Morgan Mill School getting its gigantic fan for the gym. Several groups help pay for it, MM Arts and Crafts helped and also United Cooperative Services. The fan is still a welcome addition each awards day celebration in May.

March 2009 was exciting for John and Georgie Green. She was recognized at her retirement from representing Region 6 American Morgan Horse Association for nearly 30 years. She had been Woman of the Year and first female president of the organization. The student of the month this year was second grader, Gracie Rogers. Rachel Price won a trip to Washington, D. C. from the Texas Co-op Power magazine.

Now for the present, next Thursday, March 16, is MM Community Dinner at the Community Center. The program will be on the life of the butterfly. Bring your favorite pot luck dish and come enjoy with your neighbors. The time of the dinner was changed in 2010 to 6:30 when Daylight Savings Time kept us mixed up.

See you at 6:30.