Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

The March students of the month are Monica Barto and Dillan Branham.  These students represent the second grade of thirteen students.  Both of these kids are on the A honor roll and Monica has perfect attendance for the six weeks period.  Monica’s favorite subject is math and she loves her cat, Pepper. 

She is excited that her cat has been sick so he has to stay indoors for a while.  This is the first year for Monica to attend Morgan Mill School, but she likes everything about it.  She has been playing team basketball and has made a basket. 

Mom and Dad are Christy and Bryan.  Christy is the minister for Morgan Mill Methodist Church and Bryan works in Ft. Worth.  One of her big sisters is in the fourth grade, Lilly; and Bailey is a senior in high school hoping to attend A & M next year. 

Dillan Branham moved to Morgan Mill at Christmas during his kindergarten year.  His favorite subject is also math.  He likes to go outside and play basketball.  Five cats, three dogs, and a chinchilla call home with Dillan. 

His favorite sport is soccer, but he is playing team basketball also.  Monica described him as “best one on the basketball team.”  He did say that the only game that they lost was the game that he missed. 

Mom and Dad are Lisa and Samuel. They are especially proud since this is their second son to be named student of the month this year, Hunter represented the fourth grade earlier this school year. The two kids were curious as to why they were chosen; I told them it was because they both have a contagious smile.

Congratulations to two great kids. 

It is breakfast time in Morgan Mill, Saturday, March 11. This is the day for John and Sandy Sandstrom’s famous waffles. This addition to the regular breakfast items of eggs, bacon, sausage, and biscuits will bring out the crowds.  From 7 until 9, come out and enjoy catching up on the local gossip and visit with your neighbors.  The Community Center has been in existence since 2005 without another fundraiser from its first one; just the generous donations from its citizens.  

Your school board will be meeting on Monday, March 6, at 5:30 and Spring Break for Morgan Mill School will be March 13.