Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

The November Student of the Month is a sixth grader, Reagyn Hattox-Hoag. She is on the A/B Honor Roll and has perfect attendance. Lunch is her favorite class and she makes her best grades in spelling. She started kindergarten in Morgan Mill and left in the third grade for home schooling and now is back.

She does her homework first after school and then watches UTube videos . Her dog is Boomer and she has two hermit crabs. For Thanksgiving, she will be cooking the green bean casserole. She is a “yellow belt” karate and is working on her “orange one”. In band, she plays the clarinet.

She loves to sing, dance, and paint. She performs in the Morgan Mill drill team and is looking forward to performing at Tarleton Basketball game on Morgan Mill night. Reagyn’s mom is Amy. Congratulations to a unique young lady.

The place to be this Saturday night is the Morgan Mill Community Center at the annual Fire Department’s Pie and Cake Auction. This is the first year that there are two new trucks. One has already seen action on the streets and the other one is waiting on the auction for money for its equipment. Both will be on display all day Saturday for your inspection. It is important for you to come to this dinner to show your continued support to our volunteers who are constantly helping the Morgan Mill citizens and travelers through our town.

Your VFD has been called over 70 times so far this year, including 21 brush/grass fires and 33 vehicle wrecks. They cover all the way from Diamond Oaks to the Palo Pinto line, and from half way to Huckabay and half way to Bluff Dale. In addition, these volunteers are constantly training to improve their skills in rescue and firefighting.

This year the traditional “Supporter” ball cap, in purple this year, will be given to all donors who give at least $100. The $500 donors will be receiving a custom reflective house number sign with the new fire department logo on it. This sign is a must for all property owners to make it easier for both medical and fire responders to find your property.

Everyone is sure to have fun watching the auction and getting a pie or cake for the holidays. See you at 6 for the BBQ dinner and at 6:30 for the auction. This is your once a year Morgan Mill fundraiser for your fire department this Saturday, Nov. 12.

That same day is also breakfast in Morgan Mill. The Community Center is open at 7 am for all of your breakfast items, bacon and eggs, pancakes and biscuits, and all the local gossip. This tradition is what makes Morgan Mill unique. If you have never been, come and see a small town in action.

Looking ahead, Turkey Dinner at Morgan Mill Community Center is Thursday, November 17th at 6:30. You are asked to bring the fixins.

Friday, Nov. 18, at noon is Turkey Dinner at Morgan Mill School. You do not bring anything for this feast. Saturday, Dec. 3, at 10 a.m. is the Ladies Christmas Tea at Morgan Mill Baptist Church.