Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

For the last several years, there have been two eighth grade students of the month. Last week, we heard from Hunter Rudloff and this week the student is Clay Berry. He has attended Morgan Mill since kindergarten. His favorite subject is art. The class is working on color wheels now, but he likes to draw animals. In football, he plays running back.

Just like Hunter last week, Clay is looking forward to basketball. It might be the heat.

On Thursday, Sept. 29, the football teams will be home playing Three Way at 6. The next two games, Oct. 6 and Oct. 13 are also at home.

Clay said that he likes the new teachers. When I asked him what he was passionate about, he said, “Dodges with Cummins truck engines.” When he can own a truck, Clay has his eyes set on a 2005 model. His favorite thing is to be outside. Proud mom and dad are Don and Laura. Congratulations to a well deserving young man.

The 2014-2015 Morgan Mill School yearbooks are here in the school office. The price is $25 and looks great for a history of last year’s school year.

The garage sale for all garage sales is going to happen in Morgan Mill Saturday, Oct. 1 from 8 until everybody goes home. The organizers for this happening are Myndie Cohn and Brenda Osinga. When I was writing this article, there were 16 families signed up with more coming. You can stop at Brenda’s hair salon on HYW 281 to get a map.

The Morgan Mill Food Pantry is still going strong. Every Wednesday from 3:30 to 5:30, the food pantry is open at the BCS building at the Methodist Church. The Tarrant Area Food Bank delivers canned goods, fresh produce, and frozen entrees twice a month. If you are around at 7:00 in the mornings on Monday, you may see the semi-truck parked at the church. Volunteers unload and stock the shelves. Thanks to our community for their donations, and thanks go to all of the community volunteers. With the holidays coming on, special meals are planned for those in need. If you know of anyone in need, let them know of the food pantry in Morgan Mill. Sandy Sandstrom is in charge of the pantry and is always happy to have extra donations and help.