Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

I normally do not choose the student of the month, but this time Rachel Jackson, 8th grade teacher was at a Gifted and Talented workshop, so I chose Hunter Rudloff.

I first became acquainted with Hunter this summer when he chose to get up early and come and exercise with the “grown ups” at 7:00 in the morning. He was getting ready to be the 8th grade football quarterback. Everything is good. The MM football team won their game with Strawn last week.

Hunter says that it is good that Clay Berry and Matthew Henderson catch his throws. Hunter’s favorite subjects in school are athletics and history. His outside hobbies include sports, hunting, and fishing.

In 4-H last year, he competed in showing goats. In the Youth Fair, he entered 5 categories winning two seconds and a first with his knife. He has a lot of pets that he and his brother Haiden keep fed; 3 dogs, 6 cats, 10 chickens, 4 goats, and 2 cows. Hunter is looking forward to basketball season and of course, the Morgan Mill School Thanksgiving dinner. He knows that the eighth graders do it all, invite, set up, serve, and clean up.

Circle Thursday, Sept. 22, Morgan Mill football will be at home playing Bluff Dale. Come and watch some great kids play ball. Michelle and Roger are the proud parents of Hunter.

Our MM Fire Department has been exceptionally busy this year with well over fifty calls year to date, many of which have been traffic accidents. There are two large projects in the works that will not only provide much better protection for our citizens, but will contribute to the safety of our 17 volunteers, many of whom respond to every one of these incidents regardless of the weather or traffic conditions.

The first one is a brand new brush truck (the first new one in over 15 years) that is being paid 90% by the Texas Forest Service and 10% ($23,000) by your donations from past fund raisers. It will carry twice as much water as the one they are selling, plus with the improved lighting and safety equipment it will protect our firefighters better as they are working the numerous wrecks on Hwy. 281. It should be in service by the first part of October.

The second purchase that is still in the works is a new water tanker that will be used to fight structure fires, provide backup water for our brush trucks, and to provide additional protection while working major traffic wrecks. The existing tanker is a piece-meal truck that was put together by our volunteers over the last 20+ years and is just plain worn out.

The old truck has a nine-speed manual transmission and air brakes that is not easy to drive. The 2017 Freightliner chassis for the new tanker has already been paid for by a very large donation by one of our residents, Patti Smith, in memory of her husband, Carl, who was the fire protection business.

Even with her donation, cash on hand, and the sale of the two trucks being replaced, the VFD is going to need several thousand additional dollars to complete the conversion into a state-of-the-art firefighting apparatus that should serve our community well into the future. Put Saturday, November 12, on your calendar for the annual VFD Cake and Pie Auction which will hopefully provide the funds to finish building the tanker and have it in service by spring.

Congratulations to Judy Spindor for winning the raffle quilt.