Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

Summer passed in a hurry and it is time for Arts and Crafts Fair in Morgan Mill. Last I heard, there were a few empty spaces. Call Mary Adams today if you are interested. Everybody is anxiously awaiting the homemade goodies found at the Fair. There will be pies, cakes, jams and cookies of all kinds. There are also all kinds of wood items, baby items, gifts for Christmas and other holiday items. This year the handmade raffle quilt was made by Mary Adams. It is all colors of purple. The colorful quilt can be yours for a $1 raffle ticket. Last year, it was won by a person buying one ticket. You can buy your tickets at the fair. The drawing will be about 3:30 and you do not have to be present. Remember this is the way that we fund our money for the Morgan Mill graduating seniors. I think there were eight in that class.

It will be a waffle breakfast on Saturday of the Arts and Craft Fair, Sept. 0th. This is always a popular item on the menu that John and Sandy Sandstrom only cook up four times a year. The homemade waffles are a thing of the past in our household, so this breakfast is always a treat. Be at the Community Center early (7 o’clock or at least by 8) in order to get the eggs, bacon, sausage, and biscuits before they are gone. Thanks to the Sandstroms for making this a Morgan Mill tradition. Of course, Roscoe Davis and his band of volunteers will also be their doing their cooking as they know how. Thanks, to them also.

I stopped by school to check on the new year. We have a new fence surrounding the play area and two new walls in the cafeteria, creating a new classroom. A lot of cleaning and throwing out has happened and your school looks great.

Two new teachers have settled in and the kids seem to be happy. I spoke with a new student, Lilly Barto, a fourth grader who moved here from Ft. Worth. She announced to her mom, Christy, that this is the best start of school that she has had. Her previous school had ten third grades so she may be in shock. Lilly loves MM because it is in the “country”. “I have always wanted to live in the country and ride a horse.” She was excited to tell me that she had learned the nine multiplication trick. Find a fourth grader if you do not know the trick. Lilly has a sister, Monica, in the second grade and another sister, Bailey who is a senior in high school. Congratulations to mom and dad, Christy and Brian, for their precious daughter. Christy is the pastor of Morgan Mill and Bluff Dale Methodist Churches and Brian works in Ft. Worth.

Your school board met and passed a $1.02 tax rate on Monday. This is the lowest tax rate in area, but your taxes will probably go up because our properties have been reevaluated. We will have a new member to the board, Taylor Dyas. She does not have an opponent in the November election.