Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

This is the last column for a few weeks. When the kids are out of school, I do not have much to write about. First, there is a big “thank you” that goes out to Red Kinsey and Mac Elston for once again fixing our fire trucks. The volunteer fire department is forever grateful for Red always coming to the rescue when the trucks need some tender loving care. The savings that Red creates for Morgan Mill not having to go out for repairs is tremendous. Thanks again. If you see Red or Mac, be sure to express your thanks to them for the fire department and our community.

The 2015-16 valedictorian for Morgan Mill is Scout Tassione. She was surprised when Mrs. Couch told her two weeks ago. In her speech Thursday night at graduation, she was thanking her parents for encouraging her and making her do her homework. She will be attending Stephenville High School next year and she has the same fears that all ninth graders have; it is a lot bigger than she is used to. She will carry with her memories of MM, the school trip to Austin and the alternative Splashville day at the school. This is the second time for bad weather, but the kids have fun at school playing games and seeing movies. She will miss her teachers and the school.

The salutatorian is Allison Spoede who came in one point behind Scout. She thinks history might have done it. She will also be attending Stephenville High School. She plans on being in the band and she is also nervous about the “big” school. Her fear of bullying is in the back of her mind. In her speech Thursday night, she gave advice to the upcoming Morgan Millites. She told the second graders that their enemies now may become your lasting friends in years to come. “Don’t burn any bridges.” Allison was speaking from experience; she and Scout use to “hate each other.” They can laugh about it now but when they were in Mrs. Irick’s class, it was not a funny matter. They remember having to hold hands as they walked to the office. Sometime during the sixth grade, they became best of buddies. Congratulations to two great girls; we will be waiting to hear great things of their Stephenville High School days.

Haley Vander Laan is the new 5th grade teacher from Pflugerville. She attended Tarleton State and has helped the girls play volleyball for two years in Morgan Mill. She was a kinesiology major and is excited about coming to Morgan Mill. She is familiar with the school since she did her student teaching with Coach Hutchison. Nancy Lingle will be moving to the eighth grade class next year.