Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

The 2016-17 Morgan Mill cheerleaders have been chosen. The eighth graders are Carly Sanders, Elizabeth Fisher and Gabby Mullins. The seventh graders are Camilla Buchanan, Kinan Shewmaker and Lila Richards.

The Splashville event in Stephenville will be May 19.

You need to turn in all of your Box Top coupons as soon as possible. This is the way the PTF pays for this day of fun for the kids. The seventh and eighth grade field trip this year is May 20th to Austin. The school-wide music program will be May 24th.

Graduation at MM Baptist Church will be on the 26th with Awards Day following on the 27th. It seems that school just started and now it is summer.

Last Thursday, the Morgan Mill 7th and 8th graders placed the flags on the graves of our veterans for Memorial Day. The cemetery work day was last Saturday. The tabernacle is the oldest structure, other than a residence, in Morgan Mill.

The construction of the tabernacle was completed in 1910. In the early days it was customary for a community to build a brush arbor near a church or a school and near a source of water. The brush arbor was used as a site for summer church revivals or “meetings” as they were usually called.

These “meetings” generally lasted about 10 days but it was not unusual for them to last two or three weeks. The deed to the tabernacle specified that uses of the tabernacle were to be religious, educational and other meetings as the trustees may approve from time to time. The deed also states that no immoral or indecent conduct shall ever be allowed (under the tabernacle). The time allocated to each church for their summer revivals was stipulated in the deed.

In 1993 the Morgan Mill Senior Citizens organization proposed the possibility of getting the tabernacle designated as a historical landmark. Through the efforts of a committee chaired by Mrs. Raeford (Jerri) Evans, enough background information on the tabernacle was obtained to submit the proposal to the Texas Historical Commission. The dedication ceremony and the unveiling of the historical marker was held May 14, 1994 at the annual Morgan Mill homecoming and cemetery working event.

The MM Community Supper will be Thursday, May 19, at 6:30. This is a special meeting because our seniors from Stephenville will be receiving their $100 from the Arts and Crafts Association of Morgan Mill. Come and hear the exciting news about these young people’s futures. Bring an extra portion of pot luck to feed the kids.