E-T Staff Report

Erath County 4-H members did well at the District 8 4-H Food Show and Food Challenge held in Belton on Oct. 31.  The two contests, Food Show and Food Challenge, have different goals and guidelines. Food Show involves one individual preparing a dish and giving a presentation to a judge concerning nutritional content of the dish, preparation skills involved, etc.  Food Challenge teams are given a specific list of ingredients along with a clue (no recipe) and have 40 minutes to prepare the dish and their presentation to be given before a judge. This is a new contest that explores a team approach to figuring out a recipe for their given ingredients. 

Whether competing as a Food Show contestant or Food Challenge team, 4-H is building self confidence and public speaking skills in today’s youth. 


Kelley Royal participated in the Senior Food Show – Main Dish Division and placed 2nd. 

The Senior Food Challenge Team “Dairy Queens” made up of Kline Jones, Kryssi Pina, Kylie Manning, Laurie Tolboom and Scotta Faulkenberry placed 3rd overall and won the prestigious Team Spirit Award for their division. 

The Junior/Intermediate “Spice Girls” team placed 1st in their Main Dish Division.  This team consisted of Emily Altebaumer, Haylee Fritts, Morgan Prescott and Chelsi Vineyard.  Another Junior/Intermediate team, the “Moo Crew” placed 2nd in the Nutritious Snacks division – Alyson Phillips, Morgan Cavitt, Taylor Lowe, Bailey King and London Jones.