Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

Since most of you saw the picture of Georgie and John Green in the paper last week being honored by American Morgan Horse Association, I decided to get “the rest of the story.”

Georgie was being honored at their annual convention in Sacramento, California for her nearly 30 years of representing the regional AMHA. The article mentioned that she was their first female president and was named Woman of the Year in 1985. Georgie and John moved to Morgan Mill in 2006 from Collin County, their old family farm. One thing they brought with them was the family barn. John still laughs at what a job it was to get the structure through the Metroplex. Georgie said that even though she has retired from the Morgan Horse Association, she is very active in the United States Equestrian Federation. She is chair of the Morgan World Championship that will be held in Oklahoma City in October. This is the event that Olympic athletes compete in. There will be over 1,000 horses and 2,500 people attending the event.

Georgie and John have 35 Morgan horses on their ranch with three on the way. She described the horse as the breed that the cavalry used and the only horse that the United States government has ever bred. Its strong suit is its trot. Georgie explained that the Morgan Horse is popular for carriage horses. Georgie and John are active in Morgan Mill Methodist Church and Stephenville Optimist Club. We are excited about our newcomers to Morgan Mill.

Student of the Month for March is second grader, Grace Rogers. Her favorite subject in school is spelling. She has just learned how to spell, “probably.” Mrs. Burns is her favorite teacher, but she was quick to add that she really likes all of them. Grace and dad, brother Joe and mom Tracey went to Kaufman for Spring Break to visit grandmother. Grace was excited that they got to stay in a hotel that had a heated outdoor pool. She has two cats that she confesses probably likes her dad best. Grace is saving her money in a big Coke bottle so that the family can go somewhere this summer. When asked what she wants to be, she replied a veterinarian. She wants to doctor dogs and cats, but not snakes. Grace is seen at Morgan Mill Baptist Church on a regular basis since dad is the preacher. She is a special girl with a smile for everyone. Congratulations for being an outstanding student.

Your Morgan Mill School Board decided to hold a special election in May to fill the vacancy. There were four prospective candidates interested in the position and since the position will be for one and half years, it was decided that an election was the only equitable way to fill the position. There is a two week deadline to get your application turned in. Check with Superintendent Dean Edwards if you are interested. Marlin Quarles and David Kincannon made the comment that they could remember when they had to beg people to be on the school board. This is a good change.