February was the fifth consecutive month to record below average rainfall in Stephenville.

Rain last month totaled only .74 of an inch — the least amount of rain to fall here since .41 of an inch was noted in November. The last month to produce above average rainfall here was in September, when 7.96 inches fell. Average rainfall for September is 3.60 inches. Average rainfall for February is 2.10 inches.

Average rainfall for the past five months, September through February, is 10.8 inches. During this time, only 5.69 inches have fallen, which is 5.11 inches below the average amount. Rainfall is more than 48 percent below the average.

Moisture fell on only three dates last month. All three of these dates produced snow and sleet.

Here is a rundown of the February moisture totals:

Feb. 1 — .58 of an inch (1 inch of snow and sleet)

Feb. 4 — .06 of an inch (2 inches of snow)

Feb. 9 — .10 of an inch (½ inch of snow)

A cold rain, mixed with snow and sleet on February 1, proved to be the best moisture producing date.

Rainfall during the first two months of 2011 registered only 2.13 inches, which is 1.67 inches below the average of 3.80 inches for January and February.

Stephenville’s average rainfall in March is 2.30 inches.