This has been a busy week. The Morgan Mill goodie basket brought $425 at the Optimist Auction. Thanks to all the contributors. The Stephenville Optimists are helping the youth in our community. The Morgan Mill Baseball League participated in the Optimist/Lions All Star baseball game last week. The All Stars (originally Angel League) is a group of special needs Stephenville kids who love to play T-ball. Thanks to the Morgan Mill kids for their volunteering.

The 7th and 8th grade Morgan Millers helped Joanne Ball and Gene Williams place flags at the cemetery. Each year, before Memorial Day and Homecoming Weekend, the veterans’ graves are decorated for their service to their country. Thanks to all the participants.

Remember when it stormed and Senior Citizens’ was canceled a couple months ago. Margie Hartsfield and her group, “The Cross Ties” were scheduled for that evening and have been rescheduled for Thursday, May 15, at 7 p.m. Margie is popular, both in Morgan Mill and Stephenville, so she always brings a large following. Tell your friends and come eat a potluck dinner.

Thanks to all the guys who painted the Tabernacle. It looks great. All their names will appear later.

Looking ahead, Morgan Mill School graduation will be Thursday, May 29, at Morgan Mill Baptist Church at 7 p.m. Circle this date on your calendar, it is always a treat to see our kids dress up and hear their prediction for the future.

The Morgan Mill girls are fundraising now to help pay for their summer camp at Heart of Texas Baptist Camp in Brownwood. The dates are June 9-13. The first and second graders will be there on June 20 and 21. Morgan Mill Baptist Church will have their Vacation Bible School July 7 through 11. The boys will be leaving for camp July 28. This summer will be a busy time for all the kids.

One of the best Mother’s Day story from Gene Williams’ book, Hurrah for Morgan Mill, comes from Mary Spindor Burch, a daughter of Stanley (1890 -1969) and Barbara Kolez (1891-1971) Spindor. She was recollecting her early days on the farm near Morgan Mill. She writes, “Mama was a good, kind, and loving mother. She worked hard, as we all did, and was very wise and a good example for us. In the evening she would sit in a chair and we all knelt around her and said the Lord’s Prayer. As we grew older, we knelt beside our beds. I did this even after I married. Mama told us stories that had lessons to be learned from them. I still remember some of them. When we got discouraged she would tell this one: ‘There were two frogs that fell into a churn of milk. One drowned. The other one kept kicking until he made a lump of butter and then jumped onto it and jumped out.’ Keep trying was the moral to this story.” The Spindor ranch is still in the hands of the Spindor family members. The family still gathers there once a year at Easter for a reunion.

There are a lot of special mothers in Morgan Mill that we want to express “Happy Mothers’ Day” to on this, their day.