Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

Many times in writing this article I will go back and look at some of the older “Milling Arounds” to see what we were doing “back then.” On Oct. 17, 2004, which was the first Milling Around, the four-bay bus barn was being built behind the school. Verbie and Earl Burns were celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary party in the old community center. I remember how everyone had hoped that the center would be finished for this great occasion. Last Thursday, Oct. 22, Verbie and Earl celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. Verbie and Earl (better known to most as Junior) were married in Huckabay at the Methodist parsonage. In attendance were B.O. Deavers, preacher, and his wife; Tom Senter, and his fiancé Vera Franks. They were married Sunday morning before church and then Mrs. Burns fixed them lunch. One of the Burns children, Sarah, Mary, or Eddie are seen daily driving Verbie to Stephenville to visit Junior, who is staying in Community Nursing Center. He is always ready to talk old times in Morgan Mill. The Burns family is one of the families that make Morgan Mill unique. We wish them well.

Looking at the Oct. 31, 2004, edition of Milling Around one would find Brandi Babkowski as the first student of the month. She was a second grader and on the honor roll. Now, Brandi is in the seventh grade and on the drill team. The Morgan Mill School was going to play 11-man football with Stephenville for the first time on Nov. 1, 2004. We will have played of them when we face Stephenville this year on Oct. 29 at 5 p.m. here.

Still looking back, your volunteer firemen were getting ready

for the pie and cake auction on Nov. 6, 2004. The money then was going to buy new communication radios so the firemen could talk to each other. The amount raised that year was $12,500.

Gailen Parker was cooking the barbecue back then. This year, Calvin Spindor announced that we made over $15,000. He also wants everyone to know that if you mail in a check for $100 or more you will receive a Morgan Mill VFD special edition cap. Gailen and Debra Parker were honored with a plaque recognizing their behind the scenes work. A plaque was presented to Mary Laughlin recognizing Jakie’s many years of his volunteerism to the fire department.

In 2004, everyone was helping to build the community center. Jeff Stubbs was painting in charge of the painting. Debbie Lincoln and Jim Evans got the bathrooms painted. Jeff and Joe Stubbs were also doing plumbing work. The cabinets and counter tops were scheduled to be installed the next week. Our first official meeting in the center will be the Senior Citizens Christmas Party in December 2004. It still amazes me how it was built by volunteer labor and paid for with pies and cakes auction.