Special to the E-T

Audrey Helm, a local driver for City And Rural Rides, earned 1st place at the 2010 City And Rural Rides Bus Roadeo Competition on Sept. 18 in Coleman, where she competed against 47 other CARR drivers.

Helm has been employed by City And Rural Rides for almost five years and has competed in several bus roadeo competitions including 2010 Texas State Bus Roadeo where she placed 7th among the best in the state. Other top scorers at this year’s annual CARR Roadeo were 2nd place Felix Vitandi, Coleman County driver, 3rd place Lisa Pollard, Erath County driver, 4th place Jeremy Hidrogo, Comanche County driver, and 5th place Gerald Watkins, Brown county driver. The top two winners earned the right to represent City And Rural Rides at the 2011 Texas State Bus Roadeo to be held next year.