Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

Your Morgan Mill school board met Aug. 13 and set the lunch prices at last year’s prices; $2 for lunch, $1.50 for breakfast, and $2.50 for adults. The proposed tax rate is the same as last year’s, $1.04 per $100 evaluation. The proposed budget of $1,123,784 will be discussed at the hearing at the school library on Aug. 31 at 7 p.m. At the next board meeting in September your 2009-10 school goals will be discussed. The items mentioned at the Community Forum held in June were technology updates, school crisis plan, teacher assistance, playground equipment, pads for the gym walls, classroom intercom system, music classroom, science lab, sex education and an updated Web site.

Morgan Mill will be starting the new school year with three new teachers, Rachel Jones, Wendy Sanders, and Barrett Hutchison. Rachel and Mike Jones are residents of Morgan Mill. Rachel has been teaching in Mineral Wells and is happy to accept the fourth grade position for next year. Their son, David, will be a Morgan Mill eighth grader.

Our new coach, Barrett Hutchison, has a name that is familiar around Stephenville. He received his degree in physical education at Tarleton. He has coached for six years for Stephenville Parks and Recreations youth basketball, baseball and flag football teams. He has also coached for two years in Lingleville with the boy’s summer league junior high and high school basketball. Barrett and his wife will be driving back and forth to Abilene for a while until she finishes her degree.

Our new 7th and 8th grade teacher is Wendy Sanders. She has taught in Blum Elementary School. She received her degree at Tarleton in interdisciplinary studies. She has two kids, ages 3 and 6.

If you are by the school, look at the refinished floors. Barbara Irick, Kenneth Smith, Shirley Counts, Dean Edwards and a bunch of others have worked all summer to get them in their best shiny state. School starts Aug. 24. Our first football scrimmage is Sept. 3 against Bluff Dale here at 4 p.m. Rumors are that Town and Country Bank will cook hotdogs again before the game. It was a big hit last year.

The Morgan Mill Methodists had a good time practicing their murder mystery dinner theater. The Saturday production was sold out before many of our Morgan Mill residents got tickets. So, today at 1 p.m. at the Community Center, there will be a repeat performance.

The play’s pastor is Dean Minix as Pastor Evan (pronounced even) Keal; his wife is Janette Halliday as Mrs. Molly Devaro Keal; the visiting pastor of Pleasant Valley Pious Church in Pleasant Valley, Pennsylvania is Griff High as Reverend Peter Piper Porcupine; his wife, Sister Polly Piper is Sandi Herbertson; the matron of the church is Tessa Hege as Tess T. Honcho; the resident truth-seeker is Dorothy Moore as Philosopher; the head trustee of the church is John Sandstrom as M.T. Socket; and the musician is Alicia Grant as Lorraine.

It is always fun to try something new in Morgan Mill. Many thanks to Debra Parker, Georgie Green, Gay Pack, Janette Halliday and Sandy Sandstrom for preparing the meals. Thanks to Robert Holland for being in charge of ticket sales and to David Quinn for being the master on the keyboard. Thanks to Barbara McKnight for getting the servers in line and all the kids for their willingness to help. The list is too long to mention everyone that helped, but Dean Minix actually stated that he thought that this might turn into something annually.

It is my proof reader Gary Key’s birthday today. Tell him Happy Birthday.