Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

It has been a great turkey-eating week in Morgan Mill. We have one more dinner at Morgan Mill Baptist Church at 6 p.m. tonight. Bernice Larner said that I wrote 6:30 last week, so do not miss a thing and come at 6. The church will provide meat and drinks and you are to bring the vegetables, salads and desserts. Be ready to say what you are thankful for this past year because Brother Joe will be asking. Everyone is welcome, so come visit with your neighbors.

Several weeks ago, our Morgan Mill seventh and eighth graders went on a field trip starting at 5 o’clock in the morning. They were invited to attend the Texas Parks and Wildlife and Texas Equestrian Trail riders Association Youth Outreach Ride at Parrie Haynes Ranch near Killeen. When the kids returned, they were asked to report in a essay what their experiences had been. This is part of what they wrote. Alex Spence said that riding in a wagon and talking to people about the landscape and the horses were parts that she liked. She enjoyed the hike and learning about the animal tracks and the plants. She said, “I will never forget.”

Marissa Jimenez described her day as getting up at 3 a.m. in order to get to school at 4:50. She became familiar with the toothache tree and picked the seeds out of cotton at the dog-trot cabin that belonged to Mrs. Priddy. She commented that she touched a rattle snake skin and its rattler.

Carter Reagan’s comment about the day was, “don’t eat plants that your friends suggest.” Cassidy Cline liked when “Granny” showed them how to harness the horses. She liked riding on the wagon with the steel wheels. C.J. York reported on the food that was served for breakfast; eggs, sausage, biscuits and gravy, oatmeal, coffee, water and orange juice. He liked the stuffed ring tail cat, possum, coyote, raccoon and turkey.

Brandi Babkowski almost missed the whole day by sleeping late. But they stopped the bus from leaving and she made it. She enjoyed the disposable cameras that they got and enjoyed the scenery and views. She was impressed by the presentation that showed how to change the colors of their clothes by using fruit from the cacti and berries as dyes.

Mrs. Sanders and Coach Hutchison accompanied the group and said that it was an enjoyable day. The seventh graders will be returning next year and the eighth graders were sad that it was their last year.

It is time to look ahead to the Christmas season. The Sunday after Thanksgiving, Nov. 28, at 2 p.m. will be the time to decorate the Community Center. All the decorations are in the attic so you only need to come to help. It does not take long if a group shows up. Everyone is invited.

The Morgan Mill Senior Citizens only meets once in December. Their Christmas party is Thursday, Dec. 9, at 6:30. It will be a “Chinese exchange” on gifts. Bring a gift around $10 per person of the appropriate sex. Food for this party will be snacks instead of a full dinner. Come enjoy Christmas at the Community Center with your neighbors.