Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

At 2 p.m. today, we will decorate the Community Center for Christmas. Everyone is welcome. We do not need decorations, just your help in putting them up. Thanks, ahead of time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. It has been a rewarding week in Morgan Mill. Last Friday's lunch at Morgan Mill School was terrific. The Fort Hood troops were thankful for the outing to Morgan Mill. The Empire-Tribune has a wonderful rendition of the day’s events on their Web site,, and select the multimedia tab at the top. This video will be on for a limited time, so check it out today. Coach Barrett Hutchison had a “feel good story” about the troops. It seems that the YMCA bus that brought the troops was driven by an ex-army personnel that had attended one of our earlier Thanksgiving dinners. When he heard they needed a bus driver, he quickly volunteered because he wanted to return to Morgan Mill for another Thanksgiving feast. After serving 800 dinners, Superintendent Dean Edwards and MM School wants to let all the sponsors know that they are appreciated and everything was back to normal by 10:30 Monday. It is one of our Morgan Mill traditions that is known world-wide.

Morgan Mill PTF member, Shannon Buchanan, wants to congratulate the following winners of this year’s Scarecrow Art Contest: Best of Show goes to second grader, Kade Hunt; second prize goes to 3rd grader, Hayden Hightower; third prize goes to 1st grader, Grady McQuain; Best Centerpiece goes to 4th grader, Savanah Beavers, Most Sparkly goes to Kindergarten Reagyn Hattox-Hoag, and Honorable Mention goes to 4th grader, Wyatt Bray. Thanks to all for your entries; it was hard to choose the winners.

A second thank you goes to the participants of the Volunteer Fire Department’s Fundraiser last Saturday. It was a record. More than $25,000 was raised by selling homemade pies and cakes. The coveted “highest price given for one item” certificate went to Verbie Burns for her famous chocolate pie. It sold for $1400 purchased by the Spindor family. Two other cakes, Bernice Larner and Sandy Sandstrom’s, were purchased for over $1000. The money will be used this year to purchase needed fireman’s protective gear. Typical prices include bunker coat and pants for $1,250, rubber boots for $100, leather boots for $200, helmet for $175, hood for $35, and gloves for $40. Our approximately 12 volunteer firefighters give everyone a big thank you for your continued support.

This weekend is the Bluff Dale Basketball Tournament, Dec. 2-4. For times that Morgan Mill will be playing, call the school. On Dec. 6, the Mustangs will play Lingleville at 6 p.m. there. The girls will play Morgan here at 5 p.m. Dec. 13.

Looking ahead, Morgan Mill Elementary grades, 2-6, will be participating in the UIL contest on Dec. 7 in Huckabay. Nancy Lingle is asking for parent volunteers to help our kids get to their testing sites. The MM Junior High will compete Dec. 8. Everyone will be competing, some in several categories. The ribbons will be handed out at the Christmas music program on Dec. 14 at 7 p.m. The School Christmas play, “The Grouch who stole Christmas” will be presented Dec. 13 at the Morgan Mill Baptist Church at 7 p.m.

Dates to put on your calendar are Thursday, Dec. 9, MM school board meeting at 6:30 and Senior Citizen Christmas party; Dec. 11, waffle and traditional breakfast; Dec. 17, Nativity Pageant rehearsals; Dec. 18, the Nativity Pageant at 5:30; Dec. 19, Baptist Church choir program.

It is going to be a busy holiday season in Morgan Mill. ?