Special to the E-T

The Erath County Pecan Committee invites all Erath County Pecan producers, as well as any area homeowners with pecan trees, to enter the 2010 Erath County Pecan Show.

The show will be held on Friday at 8:30 a.m. at the Comanche Community Center, with judging beginning as soon as we complete the processing of pecans.

Pecan entries need to be dropped off at the Erath County Extension Office by 4:30 p.m. on Thursday.

A pecan entry must have a minimum of 45 nuts and be labeled with a variety name, exhibitor name, address and phone number. Growers are limited to one entry of each variety but there is no limit on numbers of entries of seedling or native pecans.

Pecan entries will be processed starting at 8:30 a.m. and judging will take place as soon as we are finished processing on Friday at the Comanche Community Center. Pecan exhibitors and all others interested are invited and encouraged to help with this very important part of the Pecan Show.

If you have any questions, please contact Todd Vineyard at 254-965-1460.

Pecan entry winners will be on display at Town and Country Bank on next Monday, Dec. 6. Winning entries will advance to the Regional Show, which will be held at the Texas AgriLife Research & Extension Center in Stephenville on next Tuesday and Wednesday, Dec. 7 and 8.

Tips for selecting the best pecans for show:

Make selections from young trees because they usually produce heavier and bigger nuts than older trees.

Pick nuts from trees with a light pecan crop to ensure an above average kernel percentage.

Harvest immediately following nut drop to prevent pecan kernels from rotting when soils are wet and to preserve a light color. Sunlight darkens kernel color.

Do not alter nut appearance by polishing or rubbing.

Select nuts that are uniform in size because this is a judging criterion.

Keep your samples refrigerated until the pecan show.

Be sure your sample includes only nuts of one variety.

Submit a minimum of 45 nuts.

Note: Too many samples are thrown out due to participants entering too few pecans to judge. It takes 40 for the county: 30 for regional and state plus the 10 you crack for display. We use the extra five locally just in case an entry has a cracked nut or a bad spot. That way we are sending the best samples on to regional.


Entries will be accepted from pecan growers in Erath County, and all pecans entered in the show must have been grown in 2010 by the exhibitor.

Each entry will consist of at least 45 nuts, brought in a paper bag. Entry must be identified with the grower’s name, address, and pecan variety (if known).

Entries containing more than one variety will be disqualified. An entry may be composed of nuts from more than one tree.

Growers are limited to one entry of each variety. There is no limit on number of entries of seedling or native pecans.

All pecan show entries become the property of the Erath County Pecan Show.

Classification committee or official judges will place entries in correct classes for judging. Judging of varieties will be held as soon as the processing is complete.

Classes will be judged on the percent fancy, percent kernel, uniformity, freedom of flaws, and characteristics typical of the variety.

Pecan honors will be awarded to Champion Commercial, Classic and Native pecans.

Ribbons will be awarded to the first through third place in each class. A class with less than three entries will be given awards based on the judge’s decision.

The first place entry winners of each variety from the Erath County Pecan Show will automatically be entered in the Central Texas Regional Show. If any entry places first at the regional show it will be given awards based on judge’s decision.