Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

Today, March 1, to a retired Texas History teacher that I am, always brings back thoughts of the events leading up to Texas independence. A determined group of 40 men were meeting at Washington-on-the-Brazos in a blacksmith’s shop trying to write a new page in Texas history. Meanwhile, the same day, a group of 32 men from Gonzales came to the aid of the men at the Alamo in San Antonio. Tomorrow, as you know, is Texas Independence Day. Looking in Gene Williams’ book, “Hurrah for Morgan Mill,” one can find several March happenings in our town’s history. Cattle ranching had always been a livelihood in Morgan Mill. On March 24, 1871, a deed securing as bill of sale was sign by W. C. Clark buying cattle for $12,950.00 from James A. Counts of Morgan Mill. In 1871, cattle were bringing $4 to $5 a head. As one can tell, there were some very large cattle herds in Morgan Mill during those years.

The history of the first Morgan Mill School begins on March 21, 1879, when two acres of land were deeded to the community for school purposes. The citizens paid $5 for this land. Most of the two acres are now owned by Morgan Mill Baptist Church.

In 1880, George Morgan, a well-liked and well-respected man was appointed postmaster of Morgan Mill on March 11. Our town’s namesake had previously bought a four acre tract of land with William C. Lanman from John G. Yarbrough. The deed to this land is referred to as the “mill” tract or a tract made for the “mill.” It is assumed that the word “mill” refers to the grist mill which might have been located there previously. It is not known for sure.

Some things do not change in history. On March 15, 1900, N.W. Forster was visiting home folks near Bluff Dale when he reported having to fight a prairie fire all day on Sunday.

On March 14, Morgan Mill Baptist Church will be 89 years old. In 1920, the Morgan Mill Missionary Baptist Church was reorganized by Brother J.O. Fuller, the Erath County Baptist missionary with 19 members.

Now for today’s happenings, Tuesday, March 3, is the start of TAKS testing. Your 3rd, 5th, and 8th graders will be taking their reading test, while the 4th and 7th graders will be taking their writing test. As always, be sure they get a good night sleep and a good unhurried breakfast. The sixth graders will be testing in April. We are proud of our Morgan Mill kids. They always do their best.

Thursday, March 5, is Senior Citizens at the Community Center starting at 6 p.m. The Bosque River Boys will be the entertainment. Every time they come to Morgan Mill, they have brought smiles and enjoyment to our folks. Bring you favorite pot luck dish and come visit.

Morgan Mill Mustangs are starting their track season. Thursday, March 5, the 7th and 8th graders will be traveling to Gordon. Coach Poston is taking 16 boys and 12 girls to this meet. Each person will be competing in five events. On March 19, they will be competing at the new facilities at Henderson Junior High in Stephenville. The meets will begin approximately at 3:30. Good luck to our kids in their field and track events.