Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

Congratulations to Morgan Mill ISD. We knew they received Exemplary ratings on their annual test, but now the word is out that they have received Gold Performance Rating in all six areas of the test. Of the 1,030 plus school districts in Texas, only 14 received this distinction. In order to have a Gold Performance Rating, students have to be “Commended.” To be “Commended,” one has to make at least 90 on the TAKS test. The six areas that our students excelled in were math, writing, science, social studies, reading (English Language Arts), and attendance. To all the students, teachers, staff, Tarleton interns, parents and tutors - we are proud of your accomplishments.

It is time to eat in Morgan Mill. First, Thursday night at 6:30, it is traditional turkey at Senior Citizens provided by President John and Sandy Sandstrom. You will need to bring the fixings. The program will be provided by Laraine Waughtal, pastor at Morgan Mill Methodist Church.

Friday, Nov. 9, is the well-known free community-wide turkey dinner at the Morgan Mill School from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Fort Hood has been invited and 100 hungry soldiers will be here to enjoy a family style holiday dinner. Superintendent Dean Edwards said the school has bought five new tables and two new roasters to take care of the increased numbers expected and the 40 turkeys to be cooked. The eighth graders take pride in this their last Turkey dinner and are busy moving furniture, deboning turkeys and inviting the area dignitaries. If you have missed turkey dinner in Morgan Mill, make sure this date is on your calendar for a must attend event. This is one dinner in Morgan Mill that you do not have to bring anything. Nancy Lingle will be in charge of delivering take out dinners to shut-ins. Be sure to let the school know if you have a person that would like a dinner. This is the school’s “Thank You” for all the community. It is a “feel good” experience.

Saturday, Nov. 20, is the Morgan Mill Volunteer Fire Department’s Annual Fundraiser. Brisket and the beans will be served prior to the famous cake and pie auction. Bring money. The Fire Department is looking to up grade its protective gear in order to meet state standards. There will be a prize for the cake or pie that brings the most money. A special Morgan Mill hat will go to anyone paying over $100 for a pie or cake. See you there.

Sunday, Nov. 21, at 6:30, it is the Community Thanksgiving Dinner at Morgan Mill Baptist Church. The meat will be provided by the church. Bring salads, vegetables and desserts. Invite your friends and neighbors. Everyone is welcome.

Eighth graders Alex Spence and Kristen Michel attended a Tarleton color guard camp last week and performed at the last Tarleton home football game. The seventh and eighth graders attended a Veterans Day event at Tarleton last week also. Superintendent Dean Edwards is enjoying driving the new bus taking the kids places. Next week the eighth graders will be telling about their adventures at Parrie Haynes Ranch when they spent the day exploring the “olden times”