Hurrah for Morgan Mill

If you missed the Morgan Mill School program last week, get someone to tell you about the 12 Days of Christmas. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders had a unique way of showing the days. Congratulations to Morgan Mill Elementary and Junior High for placing first in their UIL contests in Huckabay. The Junior High was 150 points ahead of the second place school. Fourth grader Hannah Pierce came in first in music memory along with the team of Cece Cline, Cade Landsdown, and Justin Ansley. Sixth grader Katie Pierce came in first in art along with the team Kaitlyn Landsdown, A’dayr Shewmaker, Sierra Frazier, and Jade Campbell. Brazos Bray, fifth grader, came in first in music memory along with the team consisting of Riley Cosby, Caitlyn York, JR Spence and Paden Bray. The sixth grade team of music memory came in first with Katie Pierce leading in first place with team members A’dayr Shewmaker, Sierra Frazier, Landrey Jackson, and Sierra York. Number Sense in the sixth grade was a team first with Isaac Lingle coming in first with Jake Felan and Jack Young. Sixth grader Landrey Jackson came in first in oral reading. Fourth grader, Cade Landsdown, came in first in spelling along with his team Hunter Mashburn, Ashlee Babkowski, and Cade Landsdown.

In the Junior High, Alex Spence came in first in the following; calculator, art, and ready writing. Kristen Michael came in first in modern oratory, impromptu speaking and editorial writing. In the eighth grade, Hunter Hightower came in first in spelling and editorial writing; and Hope Stanphill came in first in modern oratory. Lindsay Minix came in first in art and impromptu speaking. Bailey Stevenson came in first in science and Rhett Edwards came in first in calculator. There were three first place teams; art with Jaye Davis, Tallen Halliday, Bailey Stevenson, Lindsay Minix; calculator with Rhett Edwards, Hunter Hightower, and Bailey Stevenson; and spelling with Hunter Hightower, Luke Bowling, and Ryan Price. Obviously, there were many other winners and congratulations goes out to the entire school; students, teachers, staff personnel, and parents.

The Mustang gym pads have arrived and are promised to be installed during the Christmas break. Come see the new, safer Morgan Mill gym

January 4 with our girls playing Three Way and the boys playing Lingleville. The Morgan Mill basketball tournament will be January 7 through 9.

Thursday night, Christmas Eve services will be at Morgan Mill Methodist Church at 5:30. This is a child oriented service ending with the traditional candle lighting. Morgan Mill Baptist Church will be having their services at 7:30. Everyone in Morgan Mill is encouraged to find a place of worship on Christmas. The traditional New Years’ Eve celebration at the Community Center will begin around 7. Bring your favorite snack and enjoy games with your neighbors. There is always a lively game of 42 available and the girls like Chicken Foot and Train. The kids find a game of Taboo fun. If you have a favorite game, bring it. Everyone is invited.