Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

It is Spring Break in Morgan Mill. Look out grandmas and grandpas, your grandkids are on the way coming to see you. This is a report of the fifth graders and their plans for Spring Break. Katie Pierce is looking forward to competing in a Pepsi Bowling Tournament in Austin. She and her sister, Hannah, have qualified for the tournament. Katie said that she started bowling by attending birthday parties at the bowling alley. Sierra Frazier plans on going to the Fort Worth Zoo. Her favorites are the baby lions, zebras, and giraffes. She hopes to eat at Red Lobster. Landrey Jackson will be traveling to Clovis, New Mexico, to see grandma and grandpa. It will be cooler and she hopes to see snow. In her spare time, she will also be going to the bowling alley. I was talking to these kids on the playground so Jake Felanís idea of spending Spring Break will be to sit under the air conditioner. He will also be working at Grandmas to make a little money. Jack Young has plans to go to Colorado with his dad. He is going to learn how to snow ski and snow board. This will be his first time. Kaitlyn Landsdown will be going to Lubbock to visit Grandma. Sierra York has plans to stay in Morgan Mill and ride horses. She likes to trail ride at Grandmaís house here.

Seventh grader Tiana Marshall was happy to announce that she will be going to Arizona to see her dadís family. Matthew Warren said that he will be playing video games by himself. The Morgan Mill students were being treated to a chip and dip party by Sandra Pierce. It was the reading incentive program reward day. Over 76 percent of the school had made their goals and were enjoying the party. Last Thursday, the entire school went to Tarleton to hear a Percussion Concert. Nancy Lingle, elementary music teacher, said that his was their second year to attend this program.

Stephenville High School student, Dustin Lingle, has returned from his mission trip to the Philippines. During his nine-day stay, there were 120 decisions for Christ made and Dustin had an unforgettable experience. When he returned home, he got a letter announcing that he made National Honor Society for Stephenville. Congratulations to one of our hometown boys.

It was exciting at the Frazierís home when Kasey made 9th grade cheerleader for Stephenville High School. She did not let her ďbustedĒ arm that she received in the last Morgan Mill basketball game keep her down. Congratulations to an energetic girl that we have enjoyed watching cheer in Morgan Mill.

Has it been three months? It is waffle time in Morgan Mill on Saturday, March 14. Breakfast is a popular event on the second Saturday of the month. It is especially popular when the Sandstromís cook their special recipe of waffles. The traditional eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, biscuits and gravy are still on the menu. Jeff and Pam Bush are keeping the kitchen busy with great foods and we appreciate their jumping in to help. The hours are 6:30-9, or when the food runs out. Come be a part of the Morgan Mill tradition.