Special to the E-T

The SISD Education Foundation is back in business.

On Monday, directors of the Stephenville Independent School District foundation met to discuss the needed steps in bringing the organization back to life. The idea to revive the Education Foundation came out of the district's community-developed strategic plan. Existing directors were recently contacted about reviving the organization.

Vice President Mike Boucher called the group together and opened the meeting with a simple message - "These are our kids. With the current conditions in state funding, this community is one that will support its children and the teachers that educate those children.

The group - Sherrie Barton, Mike Boucher, Metta Collier, Debbie Hines, Wendell Hollingsworth, Barbara Terrell and Derrel Thompson - heard reports from SISD Superintendent Dr. Darrell Floyd, Assistant Superintendent Deborah Hummel and Norma Cervetto regarding the foundation's history, current financial statement and the future.

In other items of business, the president vacancy, which came about when Terry Trout moved away from Stephenville was filled when Boucher accepted the appointment.

Getting down to business, the group discussed the first project they plan to support - the SISD Employee Appreciation and Awards Banquet. The directors decided they would first offer the sponsorship opportunity to businesses and community members. Local businesses will soon be delivered a letter about the event. Any tax deductible donations that exceed the amount needed to fund the event will be used to increase the funds set aside for high school student scholarships.

In previous years, the banquet was funded by the district, but new TEA (Texas Education Agency) regulations say that tax dollars can no longer be used to fund the meal portion of the event.

Foundation members agreed to invite two additional community members to fill director vacancies, and set their next meeting date for Thursday, March 10, at 7:30 p.m. at Boucher Morgan & Young, located at 3020 Northwest Loop in Stephenville.

For more information on becoming involved with the SISD Education Foundation or for details on contributing to the organization, contact Norma Cervetto 254-968-7990 or e-mail norma.cervetto@sville.us.