Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

One of the few folks in Morgan Mill who enjoys a large crop of grasshoppers is our very own Hoyt Cantrell. A few years ago, Hoyt and son, Tom, were preparing for an extended fishing trip on the Brazos, so obviously a lot of bait was going to be required. Hoyt waited until dark and drove his pickup loaded with a tow sack, a bright flashlight and a big box. Hoyt’s goal was to swat as many of the big yellow grasshoppers as the box would hold and thus be equipped for several days of fishing without having to worry about additional bait. After a grueling hour or two of spotlighting, swatting and trapping, Hoyt sat on the tailgate of his truck drinking a cold Dr Pepper and proud of his take. Unknown to him, however, a passing motorist thought that someone was spotlighting deer instead of helpless grasshoppers. Local Morgan Mill deputy sheriff, Jerry Wright, drove up at a high rate of speed and asked Mr. Cantrell if he seen anything of the poacher that had just been reported. Hoyt told Jerry that he had not seen anything of a poacher, but he sure had the nicest collection of big yellow grasshoppers that he had ever caught. Jerry looked at the collection, with Hoyt shining his spotlight on it, muttered something like “Oh, heck,” got back in his squad car and went back to bed. Hoyt, who just celebrated his 93rd birthday, still likes his fish and his grasshoppers and Jerry has retired.

Our Morgan Mill seventh and eighth graders spent last Friday on a field trip to Parrie Haynes Ranch near Killeen. Lindsay Minix was excited about riding in the wagon. She commented that she had never ridden in a horse drawn buggie. David Jackson learned how to hitch up his horse to a wagon. He was impressed by a log cabin that was built in 1863 by Texas Ranger, Thomas Jefferson Priddy. Hope Stanphill learned how to saddle her horse and ate a settler’s lunch of beef jerky, flat bread and apples. The different kinds of plant life along the trail ride impressed Rhett Edwards. Jaye Davis enjoyed the day and is sad that she “can’t go back next year.” Thanks to Debby Alley and our own Morgan Millite, Barbara McKnight for allowing our kids to spend the day in the life of the Texas settlers of 1800s. This ranch is sponsored by Texas Parks and Wildlife and Texas Equestrian Trailriders Association.

Morgan Mill will get their basketball season started with a tournament in Stephenville on Monday, Nov. 9 at 4 p.m. Check with the school for the times that the teams will be playing.

Saturday, Nov. 14, is Breakfast in Morgan Mill. Once again, the Bush family and all of their helper bees will cook all-you-can-eat eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, gravy, biscuits and pancakes. Round up your neighbors and come enjoy a morning at the Community Center from 6:30-9.

It is November so Turkey Day is getting close. Morgan Mill School has once again invited Fort Hood soldiers and is getting the roasters ready for Friday, Nov. 20. If you have never eaten turkey and all of the fixings at the school, you need to put a red circle around this day and come from 11-1. The lines may be long but everyone will be friendly and it is worth the wait. Probably around 12:30 will be the best time to visit with the troops and not have to wait.