Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

The Morgan Mill School Carnival was a huge success, according to Rhonda Beavers, PTF president. She wants to thank everyone who helped with the event.

The top raffle ticket sellers were Jayden Moore and Katie Pierce. Congratulations to the 6th grade class for selling the most tickets. Like in the past, the top auction item was the signed Morgan Mill football. The top roducing booth was the dunking booth. Our new coach, Barrett Hutchinson, was seen taking a plunge. Word was that Corey Reagan heated the water with a turkey cooker. Coming in second for money earned, was a new photo booth introduced by Debbie Lincoln. Fun was had by all and nearly seven thousand dollars were raised for our kids in Morgan Mill.

Upcoming events for the PTF will be another movie night which raises money for scholarships, the Thanksgiving Dinner, and sponsoring the Santa Claus for the Christmas program. The next Morgan Mill football game is against Stephenville there at 5 p.m. Oct. 22. This is a first for Morgan Mill so go into town and support the Mustangs.

Our student of the month is not a newcomer to Morgan Mill, C.J. York started kindergarten here. A seventh grader, C.J. likes science and has two favorite teachers, Mrs. Sanders and Mr. Edwards. Mrs. Wendy Sanders, new to Morgan Mill this year, is described by C.J. as “nice and funny.”

He likes to play outside and play computer games. At the carnival, C.J. helped with the dunking booth, but his favorite was the bounce houses. He likes Morgan Mill because it is small and everybody knows each other. He attends Patillo Baptist Church and plans to go to high school in Santo. He likes to play basketball and hopes the doctors will release him in January so that he can play. Congratulations to Mom, Bobby, and Dad, Charley, for a great kid, and of course, no one is as proud as grandmother Shirley.

From Gene Williams’ book, Hurrah for Morgan Mill, this article appeared about Morgan Mill. It first appeared in the Stephenville Empire written in the fall of 1882.

“Sickness is subsiding. Big frost Monday night. We are having mixed weather. We are still in want of a good school teacher. Local option is creating some excitement already. Many of our best farmers are in favor of the hog law. The last cold snaps have damaged cotton considerably. Pecans are plentiful and bring $2.25 a bushel at this place. There is a very small amount of wheat sown in this community yet. Our scholastic population is still increasing - a boy at Crane’s and a girl at Yeat’s. The Independents are will satisfied in these parts, that their power according to the past state election, is increasing. Parson King and some gentlemen from the old states, were in our town and neighborhood looking at lands last week, with a view of buying homes. Let them come. We would be glad to see some of those Tennesseans, the Dublin Gazette spoke of, come into our section. It is evident that our part of the county needs to be developed more.” Thanks, to Gene Williams for letting me use his book, one more time.