Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

Good news from Morgan Mill Baptists. Their third annual Chocolate Festival was once again a success. The youth girls raised a total of $830 to go toward their camp costs this summer. Congratulations to Julia and Kaity Price, Chocolate Queen and Princess. Thanks go to everyone who helped.

The Morgan Mill Methodist youth are raising camp money again this year by offering their services as “slaves for a day.” If you have jobs around the house that you would like help with, call Janette at the Store to be put in touch with a “youth needing camp money”.

The March Student of the Month is a first grader, Kiran Shewmaker. Her favorite subject is math. Her hardest subject is social studies. In the afternoon, she likes to play with her sister, M.E., who is 10 years old and in the fourth grade. She also has a 12-year-old sister, Adayr, in the seventh grade. Next year, brother, Wryle, will be in kindergarten. Kiran and her family do not live in Morgan Mill, but her parents transferred her to Morgan Mill because her mother told her that Morgan Mill has “nice teachers.” Kiran’s favorite teacher is Marybeth Burns. Kiran’s like to read “Chapter” books. When I asked her to explain, she said that they were longer books with numerous chapters. The last book that she read had 67 pages and took two days to read. For a first grader, that is an accomplishment. She is looking forward to Spring Break because she has visiting family coming to stay with her family. One of her hobbies is tumbling. She goes into Stephenville to the End Zone for lessons. She can already do front flips and back flips. She is already looking forward to trying out for cheerleader. Proud mom and dad are De and Daron. Congratulations to a well-deserving young lady.

Last Thursday, Sierra York, received a unique presentation. Last year, she wrote a letter as a class project to an Air Force captain stationed in Bagdad. The letter made such an impression on Captain JoAnne Finan that when she returned to the United States, she wanted to present Sierra with a “Thank You.” Morgan Mill students were assembled in the gym to witness Sierra being presented with a special flag that had been flown in Operation Iraq. Hurrah for Morgan Mill.

A “tid bit” of history was heard from Iris Strebeck last week. She said that during World War II, one of the only telephones in Morgan Mill was at the Store, that was then owned by Roy Larner. If news from the war needed to get to a family, whoever answered the phone was responsible for delivering the news to the family. The Store has apparently been a Morgan Mill communication link for many years.

Remember that this is Breakfast Saturday in Morgan Mill. John and Sandy Sandstrom will be cooking up waffles. The traditional eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns will also be served up by Roscoe Davis and his crew of volunteers. Bring your friends and help the Community Center meet its bills.