Special to the E-T

Tarleton State University graduate student Holly Noles is going to Washington, D.C. ?The Dublin resident is Tarleton’s first congressional intern in Washington D.C. and will work in Congressman John Carter’s office. She is scheduled to complete her Master’s of Business Administration with a focus on international business in December. ?“We are very excited that the Tarleton State University internship program will be sending its first student to Washington D.C. to work in my office,” said Congressman Carter. “I met Holly while at Tarleton last week and was very impressed with her and I know she will be a valuable asset to my office. This is an important first step for Tarleton to improve its visibility on Capitol Hill and provide students with a valuable learning experience.”?Dean Minx, Ph.D., dean of the College of Liberal & Fine Arts, described Noles as showing intelligence, insight and thoughtfulness. ?“We are extremely excited about Ms. Noles working in Congressman John Carter’s office,” said Minix. “Ms. Noles will, I predict, make a remarkable intern, and she will set the bar high for others to follow.”?Tarleton hopes to annually send one or more of its finest students to the nation’s capitol for what has to be a great opportunity for the student and an extension of the university. ?“I am honored and blessed to have the privilege to represent Tarleton in Congressman John Carter’s office,” said Noles. “I am humbled to be able to serve God and my Tarleton family in our nation’s capitol and am grateful for this incredible opportunity.”?