Rochelle Stidham

E-T Publisher

Not bad for the first week of fast, on-the-go recipes. Keep them coming! I have received several comments about last week’s column. I heard from moms saying what a great idea it was for community members to share fast, healthy recipes that benefit our busy lives.

With fall around the corner readers will be getting their crockpots or slow roaster’s out to cook stews, chili’s and soups. The following recipes are great! (I’ve already made them!) I suggest serving them with a tossed salad and garlic bread.

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This week’s grocery list items:

• Can of green chili enchilada sauce

• Cream of chicken soup

• Doritos

• Large can of chicken breast

• Bag of Colby jack cheese

• 2 - 6.5 oz cans of Snow’s chopped clams

• 15 oz. jar of Alfredo sauce

• Box of thin spaghetti

Chicken Surprise

Submitted by

Tonya Hoffman


1 can green chili enchilada sauce

1 lg. can cream of chicken soup

1 lg. bag of Doritos

1 lg. can of chicken breast or cooked/diced chicken

1 bag of Colby Jack cheese


Preheat oven to 400. Mix green chili sauce, cream of chicken soup and chicken breast together. Open the end of the Doritos bag and smash the bag until all chips are broken into small pieces. Mix everything together and pour in casserole pan. Sprinkle the bag of cheese over the top & bake until bubbly and the cheese is melted.

Alfredo Clam Noodles

Submitted by

Yvonne Jenkins


2 cans Snow’s Chopped Clams (6.5 oz. cans, drained)

1 - 15 oz. jar Alfredo sauce

Box of thin spaghetti


Pour the cooked spaghetti over the clams and Alfredo sauce and mix well.

You can add cooked shrimp also.