Special to the E-T

AUSTIN - State Representative Sid Miller (R-Stephenville) announced Wednesday that the Comanche City/County Airport will receive $90,000 grant to be used for the installation and repair of an Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS).

“This is excellent for the people of Comanche,” Miller said. “With the continued attention paid to our highways and county roads, it is important that we remember the role aviation plays in our transportation system. With this grant, the people of Comanche will continue to reap the benefits of having an AWOS unit at their airport."

State funds will account for seventy-five (75) percent of estimated project cost. The City of Comanche and Comanche County have responsibility for the remaining twenty-five (25) percent.

The Automated Weather Observation System enables pilots to have access to up to the minute weather information, including wind speeds, precipitation, temperature and barometric pressure. In addition, the city and county have the option of including the airport’s weather data in a national data network, a requirement for many companies looking to locate and utilize airports.

Miller said he was pleased to see the grant awarded to Comanche. “There are always a number of applicants for this type of grant, and I am certainly glad to see such a grant awarded to our district,” Miller said.