Daylight savings time ends at 2 a.m. Sunday, so don’t forget to set your clocks back one hour before you hit the hay Saturday night. And enjoy the coming of standard time, when the days are shorter and nights are longer, giving dreamers a chance at a little extra shuteye.

In addition to adjusting the time, Stephenville Fire Chief Jimmy Chew is reminding citizens to take the opportunity to protect your family from fire in the coming months, which will welcome the need for heaters and holiday decor that sometimes spells disaster.

“When you turn your clocks back, it is a good idea to change the batteries in all of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors,” Chew said. “Even if the batteries show they still have a charge when tested, it is a wise investment to go ahead and replace the batteries for safety’s sake.”

In addition, Erath County Sheriff Tommy Bryant has a few suggestions for locals on the go and also advised taking time to prepare disaster kits - just in case. Although the Lone Star State is not often hit with ice and snow, Bryant said it is a good idea to be prepared in case inclimate weather strikes.

Good things to include in your emergency kit are flashlight, flares or reflective triangle, a distress sign, first aid supplies, basic tools and a fully-charged cell phone or emergency charger, jumper cables and an ice scraper. Other good ideas are boots, hat, coat, gloves and a blanket.

Bryant is also reminding residents that it is always important at home or on the road for those who rely on prescriptions to make sure to update their medical information sheets. He said the sheriff’s office has refrigerator cards available for pick up and advised residents to stop by and pick up two - one for home and one for the car.