If you’re getting a rental property ready for your next tenants, want to get your home all spiffed to be listed for sale, or just want to add a fresh look to your place of business, Freddy Sedillo and Daniel Reyna – co-owners of S&R Make Readies, LLC are the go-to guys in our area.

Reyna was on a job site and couldn’t sit in on our interview, but Sedillo gave us the low down: “We take care of cleaning, painting, and basic maintenance needs for your rental, residence or business,” he says. “We also provide power-washing for driveways and home exteriors and rental property turn-around preparation.”

Having grown up in Erath County in the De Leon area, they know their way around and have approximately 17 years of experience between them in this line of work.

“We opened S&R Make Readies, LLC in February of this year, but we’ve both been doing this kind of work for years. All that rain slowed us down a while back, but we’re very busy now,” he said.

Asked about hobbies and interests, Sedillo says, “We’re both outdoor guys. We like fishing, camping, lake outings, stuff like that.”

S&R Make Readies doesn’t have a storefront or set hours because what they do, they do at your place. And while it’s not their favorite thing to do − if you really need something finished up ASAP, they will work on Saturdays and Sundays.

There’s no set price list either because every job is different, but they say their rates are reasonable. “We’ll give you a quote on site and negotiate a fair price with you,” Sedillo says.

S & R Make Readies, LLC is a member of the Stephenville Chamber of Commerce and serves Erath County and surrounding areas. Call 254-485-0212 and check out their before-and-after photos on Facebook.