Entering Stephenville from the Dublin side of things, it’s impossible not to spot all the green John Deere equipment in front of Bramlett Implement on Hwy 377.

As owner Donnie Bramlett explains, “We’re a full farm equipment, sales-and- service company throughout four counties, with a strong dairy customer base.”

The current location was established in the 1980s, but the roots of the company and its long association with the dairy industry and John Deere go much deeper, dating back to the Great Depression.

“The business was opened in 1937 by my granddad, D. Barbee; my dad, Don Bramlett was a part of the business all along but took it over in 1950,” Donnie says. “I became part of the business in 1964 and we moved the business from Dublin to Stephenville that year.”

“My son Todd joined the company in 1992. My son-in- law Roy Graham has also been a part of our business since around 1995 and we currently have a granddaughter working for us, Tashli Wilson. She makes the fifth generation in the business,” he says.

Wilson exemplifies the family’s pride in being affiliated with historic John Deere company that was founded in 1837. She points out that the company was recently named the Official On-Field Equipment Supplier for the Texas Rangers.

“John Deere tractors have always been big in the fields around Texas and we − and our fellow Greater Texas John Deere dealers − are excited to see them on the ball field, too, at Globe Life Park.”

Obviously Bramlett Implement is − at the core – what it’s always been: A family-owned- and-operated business where John Deere green has been a way of life for almost eight decades, Basing their ethics on tradition, family heritage, family cooperation and straight dealing, it looks like Bramlett Implement is going to continue to be around for a while.

“Erath Count farming and dairy have been a way of life and our total livelihood for 79 years,” Donnie points out.

That’s obviously always been a good thing for the people who run the dairies, farms and ranches of Erath County − and it’s pretty clear that the Bramlett family has no intention of changing directions anytime soon.