So if you’ve got a dog that needs a certain kind of grooming to “have the look” − say a Schnauzer or Poodle – or maybe you have a mutt that just needs a shower, then Kendra Noland, owner/operator of Pawsitively Perfect Grooming, might be your answer.

There are other dog groomers in Stephenville that have great reps for their work and the E-T has covered some, but Pawsitively Perfect Grooming is the only one we’ve run into that’s equipped to come to wherever you are and take care of your pup on site.

Noland says, “I have a mobile grooming business and I can come to your location to make it easier on you and your dog. My trailer is fully equipped with everything I need, including a table, bath tub, electricity, hot/cold water, air conditioning and heating.

“I’ve been grooming for five years but started the mobile business about three years ago. I've always had Schnauzers and as many people know, they're very high maintenance, so I decided that instead of taking them to the groomer once a month I would learn to do it myself.”

Asked if she’s a one-woman operation or has other team members, she replies, “I’m the sole owner of my business and I work alone, other than my four year-old daughter, Bri − she's my little helper,” Noland says.

Noland, like so many people we write about in and around Stephenville, is a “victim” of the “Tarleton love trap.”

As she explains: “I’m originally from Kerrville, but I moved up here to go to college. Then I met my husband − Chase Noland − and we got married, then built a house here.”

Noland isn’t just limited to an affinity for dogs; she’s also a horse lover and says, “My absolute favorite thing to do is riding/training horses. My horses are my life, other than my family and job of course!”

She says that because she offers her unique “come-to-you” service, she’s a busy buckaroo.

“Because I’m the only groomer, I’m limited to the number of dogs I can groom per day. Therefore, my schedule is usually booked up for several weeks.

“So if people are needing an appointment, I’d ask that they please contact me several weeks in advance. Also, I prefer to get a text message as I have no [landline] service at my house and it also provides a record of our conversation − in case I forget!” she says with a laugh.

If you want to set up an appointment for Noland to drop by and groom your dog here’s the info: Text her at 254-485-7980 or email her at