After torrential rains that seemed to go on non-stop throughout May, the sun finally showed up and on Sunday, Splashville reopened to a bunch of happy splashers.

Splashville is part of Stephenville Parks and Recreation and under the supervision of Jeremy Allen, director of community services.

“There is serious damage throughout the park, but there was no damage to Splashville. Turnout for the reopening was well below average, of course, because a lot of people didn’t know we were open again. But that’ll pick back up in a hurry now that the word’s out, I’m sure. We’re back on our regular schedule as long as the weather stays like this, which it’s supposed to for awhile.”

Allen said the biggest challenge is rescheduling swimming lessons that people missed during the storms. 

Splashville features a splash area that has fun water features like water bugs, water cannons, tipping buckets, mushroom waterfalls and a three foot slide. The larger four-foot deep pool features a 16-foot slide, an 8-foot slide and a lily pad walk way.

Visitors can also float down the 275-foot lazy river while taking in the splash-action around them or working on a tan.

Splashville also features a concession stand offering a variety of treats.