The Erath County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the disappearance of a woman who has been missing for more than a week.

Tammy Jo Rawdon, 46, was last seen at her home in Erath County by her live-in boyfriend of two years on Monday, May 23, but he did not report her missing until six days later. 

Her daughter Amanda Carson said the family is frantically searching for answers and that her mother has never gone this long without contacting her family.

“My mother would not go a day without calling my aunt,” Carson said. “This is not like her.”

Carson also said her mother has used methamphetamine in the past but has been clean for about two years. 

Lt. Bobby Mendez said the sheriff’s office is investigating the case. 

"At this point it looks like she left on her own free will, but we don’t have any proof of that,” Mendez said. “We have no evidence to suggest there was any foul play.” 

Mendez said Rawdon’s boyfriend has a criminal history, but is cooperating with the investigation. He reportedly told investigators that Rawdon had acted strange in the days leading up to her disappearance. 

He said the boyfriend last saw Rawdon on the morning of May 23, just before he left for the hospital to have a surgical procedure.

While he was in the hospital, he reportedly told investigators that he received a string of text messages from Rawdon, one of which read, “Please tell these men to leave me alone.”

Annoyed with the constant barrage of messages, Mendez said the boyfriend had Rawdon’s cell phone disconnected. 

When he returned home from the hospital the next day, Rawdon was gone, Mendez said. 

Since that time, none of her family and friends have seen or heard from her. 

“My mother would not have just left,” Carson said. “She was happy and had a lot to look forward to. My brother is expecting a baby soon - her third grandchild - and she was excited about that.”

Carson said it appears her mother left with only the clothes she was wearing, her purse and cell phone. 

Mendez said Rawdon’s cell phone has been turned back on and investigators are working to obtain phone records. 

Anyone with information about Rawdon’s disappearance should call the Erath County Sheriff’s Office at 965-3338.