Student journalists from Tarleton State University’s Department of Student Publications and the Department of Communication Studies’ Texan News Service brought home 38 awards from last weekend’s annual Texas Intercollegiate Press Association (TIPA) Conference in Dallas.

The Grassbur, Tarleton’s yearbook, won 14 awards for its 2015 publication, including honorable mention in overall excellence.

Additional awards included first place for a word and photo section on people and for one on student organizations; second place for sports, academics copy, information graphic and sports feature photo; and multiple third-place accolades and honorable mentions.

The JTAC News, Tarleton’s official student newspaper, earned seven awards at the TIPA conference, including second place for news feature story. Additionally, JTAC News took first place for sports column; second place for information graphic; third place for news story and opinion/editorial page design; and several honorable mentions.

Texan News Service, a learning-laboratory in the College of Liberal & Fine Arts’ Department of Communication Studies, garnered 17 awards, including second place for overall excellence among Division 5 Newspapers.

The on-campus news agency received first place accolades for general news photo, sports news story and breaking news video; second place for sports news story, illustration (non-photo), ad design, sports action photo, and best blog; third place for news photo; and multiple honorable mentions.

Tarleton’s student journalists competed with two- and four-year universities and colleges from across the state with similar size publications.

During the TIPA conference, students also had the opportunity to compete in on-site contests. The JTAC News’ Savannah Baxter received honorable mention for on-site news photo, and Heather Capps earned honorable mention for on-site TV announcing (English).

“Our students take pride in knowing they work to create two of Tarleton’s longest standing traditions, and it’s demonstrated through the recognition they received at TIPA,” said Caleb Chapman, director of Student Publications. “I’m consistently amazed by their dedication and hard work to produce such high-quality publications that serve to capture Tarleton history.”

2016 TIPA Conference awards include:

The Grassburr (Yearbook – Division 2)

First Place

People Spread with Mugshots            Savannah Baxter

Organizations                                      Hayleigh Rowland

Second Place

Sports                                                  Elena Fajardo

Academics Copy                                 Elena Fajardo

Information Graphic                            P.J. Mullen

Sports Feature Photo                           Allison Jeffers

Third Place

Sports Action Photo                            Allison Jeffers

Organizations                                      Kaitlyn Trei

Title Page                                            Elena Fajardo

Sports Copy                                        Audra Thomas

Honorable Mention

Overall Excellence                               Grassburr staff

End Sheets                                          P.J. Mullen

Cover Design                                      P.J. Mullen

Academics                                           Savannah Baxter

JTAC News (Newspapers – Division 4)

First Place

Sports Column                                    John Zanella

Second Place

News Feature Story                            Chelsea Bradley

Information Graphic                            David Rutledge

Third Place

News Story                                         Chelsea Bradley

Opinion/Editorial Page Design            David Rutledge

Honorable Mention

Sports News Story                              John Zanella

TV News Non-Feature Story              Christopher Rust and Allison Price

Texan News Service (Newspapers – Division 5)

First Place

Sports News Story                              Travis Smith

Second Place

Overall Excellence                               Texan News Staff

Sports News Story                              Harley Brown

Best Online Blog                                 Texan News Staff

Illustration (non-photo)                       Sara Gann

Advertising Design                             Texan News Staff

Sports Action Photo                            Cameron Cook

Third Place

News Photo                                        Denise Harroff

Honorable Mention

Opinion/Editorial Page Design            Texan News Staff

Page One Design                                Texan News Staff

General Column                                  Bethany Kyle

Texan TV News (Television)

First Place

Breaking News Video                         Isaac Foster, Justin Pack and Alejandra Arreguin

Honorable Mention

TV Production                                    Justin Pack, Jack Cochran, Keauno Perez and Aimee Nash

News Non-Feature Story                    Christopher Rust and Allison Price

Cross Timbers Trails Magazine – Texan News Service (General Magazines)

First Place

General News Photo                           Justin Pack

Third Place

Overall Excellence                               Cross Timbers Trails Staff

The Grassburr yearbook was first published in 1916, and The JTAC made its debut in 1919. Digital archives are available through the Dick Smith Library database found at