I am writing because of my concern about the possible city municipal center being discussed by our current city council.

I agree with Ms. Jones' letter a few days ago, but I also have other concerns. I do not believe it is a basic function of our city to enter into the entertainment industry, we have several nice private sector venues already established here; Lone Star Arena, City Limits, as well as many smaller businesses.

We would be competing with them! I think our city administration should concentrate our resources on meeting our basic function, safety, service to the public and maintaining our infrastructure. At some point in the near future millions of dollars will be required to update aging water and sewer mains. We will not be able to continue growing or providing safe basic service without these improvements.

I would much rather have tax dollars spent on essential needs rather than something I might just want. I also agree with Ms. Jones, this municipal center could well turn out like Splashville, a large money pit creating less than enough revenue to pay for its operational expenses.

I also think we have more than enough existing places to spend money for improvements; library, Senior Citizens Center, streets and better salaries for our employees.


Michael Stephens,