Mayor Kenny Weldon took the podium for a meeting at the Stephenville Senior Citizens Center Thursday to discuss what’s in the works for the center.

Renovations were recently completed in the amount of $39,830, but Weldon said it's still not enough.

He made a request to City Adminstrator Pat Bridges to hold a meeting with pastors in the community to see what else can be done to assist with programs.

“Just to get their input and feedback on what programs they’re offering at their churches and how those programs might be in leverage with the Senior Citizens Center to create opportunities for success,” he said.

Weldon also discussed the project Leadership Stephenville has started called the Multipurpose Center Advisory Team. The idea is a long-term effort to create a multipurpose facility to generate revenue, and in turn, support the center, library and rec center.

“There’s not revenue in itself to replace the Senior Citizens Center, the library and the rec center,” Weldon said. “So this is an innovative way to generate revenue to support the eventual replacement of this facility; something like that isn’t going to happen overnight.”

Jeremy Allen, director of community services, has been conducting a needs assessment to determine what each facility needs and how to seek them. Weldon said the results should be in in about one month.

“There’s an interest across the community to at least strike out and come up with some solutions and options,” Weldon said. “There’s commitment to this center, both in the near-term and long-term, and I want you to understand that. It is important to us to make sure that we’re meeting the needs of the community.”