Kourtney Seaton, a senior at Stephenville High School, chatted with the E-T about this season of volleyball and her plans for the future. The varsity middle blocker had some inspirational words for underclassmen looking to achieve varsity and says the season is going well.

E-T: How long have you been playing volleyball?

KS: Iíve been playing volleyball since about fourth grade, nothing competitive just with my friends and stuff. Competitively since seventh grade, and Iíve been playing with all of these girls that are on varsity now.

E-T: How do you feel this season is going?

KS: I feel like this year weíve got a really great connection because weíve all been playing together since junior high. Every summer weíre together and weíre all really great friends outside of volleyball too. I feel like that really helps our connection and I feel like weíre doing really well this year. Iím very proud of us.

E-T: What has been the biggest game so far?

KS: Itís hard to pick just one because thereís been a couple. Iím going to say, probably anytime we play either Granbury or Abilene Wiley. We have friends on those teams and so weíre really competitive with them. Those are two of our biggest competitors in volleyball. Any time we play either of those we really put our heads into the game.

E-T: Who has stepped up and taken this season seriously?

KS: I think all of our seniors. Even our juniors, they realize these seniors want this really bad. I think everyone has stepped up a bunch this year. We really want that state title and we think we have the talent to do it. I think everyone is trying their best to attain that.

E-T: DO you have any advice for the JV and freshmen looking to make varsity?

KS: Keep working hard. Youíve got to have that hard work in you like you want it, youíre going to go for it no matter what it takes. Thatís really what it takes at the varsity level. Youíve got to be ready for anything and donít give up. Keep working hard and youíre going to see it.

E-T: What is your favorite subject in school?

KS: I love Spanish. Iím pretty good at it and Iím a fast learner at it. Itís different and I get to talk to a lot of different people and itís really going to help me out with my job and the future.

E-T: What has been your most exciting moment in high school?

KS: Thatís a tough one. I guess sophomore year, because I didnít really play junior year, getting as far as we did with our first year on varsity, regional quarter finals. That was a really exciting experience for me and all my friends. Just getting to do it with some of my closest friends, that was really fun.

E-T: What are your plans after high school?

KS: Iím going to play volleyball at Northwestern State University in Louisiana and Iíll be majoring in pre-pharmacy and Iím going to try to get my minor in Spanish. After that Iíll go to pharmacy school and become a pharmacist.

E-T: Do you have any shout outs youíd like to add?

KS: Shout out to our amazing fans and I hope to see everyone out at all of our games. We need all the support we can get.