Although it’s a ways down on a very long agenda for Tuesday night’s Stephenville City Council meeting, but probably at the top in terms of long-term impact on the community, are the final steps in formally establishing the city’s new tax-funded economic development corporation [EDC.]

The city’s non-profit EDC is to be called the Stephenville Economic Development Authority, or SEDA, and will have - as the name implies - the mission to enhance economic development in all ways in and around Stephenville.

This is the culmination of months of long, hard work and research, especially on the part of the city council, and its creation was overwhelmingly approved by the voters in May.

Tuesday night the council will address two SEDA-related items: Consideration of approval of the Certification of Formation by the State of Texas Secretary of State, and approval of a resolution authorizing SEDA.

Assuming those items pass, the city will then be free to formally seat the SEDA board of directors. Once installed, the unpaid board members – in conjunction with City Administrator Pat Bridges and other area leaders – will begin the search for a paid executive director. 

Other high-ranking items are the second public hearing on the tax rate as required by law, and consideration of approval of the fiscal year 2015-16 annual budget.

Also of importance is a request by City Administrator Pat Bridges for approval from the council of a contract with County-Wide Inspections for building inspection services.

As many area residents know, there have been several significant changes in the city’s Building and Planning Services Department this year resulting in the departure of some key personnel.

This has left the department shorthanded in some areas, particularly in building inspections, hence this request by Bridges.

The full 108-page document is available for viewing and download on the city’s website at

The meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall.