If you were lucky enough to grow up in the era when your mother or grandmother canned the produce that the family had raised in the garden or on the farm, then you may want to consider entering the newest addition to the By Gone Days on the Bosque Celebration at the Stephenville Historical House Museum - the 1st canning and baking contest.

Robbin Ritchie, chairperson for the event, said, "In keeping with the theme of By Gone Days, this is another nostalgic step back into the days of the family farm, where just about everything the family ate was grown and raised there and much of the produce was canned for later use.

"Out at the family farm we still have green beans in a Mason Jar that my grandmother, Lola Haggard, preserved and took to the county fair in 1911. This will have that old county fair flavor, and we'll have two divisions in baking, one for ages 17 and under, and the other for 18 and over. There will be a pie division for pies with merengue and pies without, and a cake division for cakes with frosting and cakes without."

Canning is open to all ages and will have three divisions: Jellies, preserves and pickles."

Asked if there was an entry fee, Ritchie replied, "Not in terms of money, but we're asking that each contestant bring two of whatever they're entering, one for the contest and the other to be auctioned off later for the benefit of the museum."

Ribbons will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in each division. There will also be Best Junior Baker and a Best Senior Baker winners, and a Grand Champion Best of Show winner, all of whom will receive ribbons and gift certificates.

Entry forms are available at the Museum office and should be submitted no later than Oct. 3 for the contest, which will take place at the By Gone Days Celebration on Oct. 10. The Museum is located at 525 E Washington St, Stephenville. Phone is 254-965-5880.

For more informational call Ritchie at 254-396-4715.