If you frequent the South Loop in Stephenville you've passed by Southern Honey Boutique, that cool place with the fuchsia-colored old Chevy pickup sitting in the front parking lot. That's right: It used to be Willa West and the truck was turquoise back then.

We recently stopped by and talked to Jill Tanner - who owns the store along with her husband, Jimmy - to learn more about this chic, "a-little-bit-of-everything” boutique.

As to the Willa West origins, Jill says, “I was a partner in Willa West Boutique last year. My business partner moved to start a new chapter in her life and when she moved, I decided to continue on in the boutique business.

“I’m not sure how the name, Southern Honey, came about, but it just felt right when it was thrown out among the choices, so here we are!”

As Jill explains: “My husband Jimmy and I own Southern Honey. I’m in charge of the daily operations, but he definitely gets called in for the heavy lifting - among other things we’re always asking him to do. He never thought he’d own a ladies clothing store, but he’s making a pretty good 'boutiquer!'"

Both Jill and Jimmy rodeo, so they’re gone periodically throughout the year. “There’s no way I could even have the dream of this business without my amazing girls who work with me.

“Shaylee Williams [pictured] is our store manager and in charge of our online. Bailey Vickers has been with us since day one and Brenna Donnelly has been with us over a year as well. We brought on Shaylee’s sister, Shambrae Williams, this summer and she’s now an integral part of our team as well.

She adds, “These girls all work up front, help in the back, pretty much do whatever needs to be done. They’re so awesome and I can’t praise them enough. They are the key to both our survival and success!"

They also have a salon, Southern Honey Salon that houses five stylists and an esthetician. The stylists are Jacqueline King, Penny Randolph, Rose Ann Simmons, Marie Harlow and Morgan Culpepper.

As Jill explains, “We also have a new addition to our salon family in 'Branded Beauty by Blazi'. Blazi Weippert offers permanent makeup, eyelash extensions, and starting in November, will be offering facials and total esthetician services.

“These ladies are all so talented and love making other ladies feel beautiful!"

Southern Honey is located at 1355 West South Loop, just a little ways past Ace Hardware. Look for the bright pink vintage truck out front that was mentione and the pink pillars on the building.

“We’re also doing a booth in Vegas at the NFR this December,” Jill says, “so we’re getting pretty excited about that.”

Jill explains the store’s mantra this way: “We don’t think women have to fit into one specific category. We understand how many roles women have to play and all the hats women wear and we want to provide them with clothing for whatever they might be doing that day - whether it involves dressing up or down!

“That being said, we want our clothing to be AFFORDABLE. Transitioning from Willa West to Southern Honey, price reduction was a huge goal of mine — and I think we’ve accomplished that! We’re so proud of our price-point and we want ladies to come in or shop online and find something they love AND can afford!

Southern Honey offers military discounts year-round. “We are so incredibly grateful for the service of our men and women and want them to know how much they’re appreciated!”

"We don’t have any sale dates scheduled, but with our new lower prices, every day feels like a sale day at Southern Honey," Jill says.

You’ll find Southern Honey at 1355 West South Loop in Stephenville. Phone 254-918-5508 or you can visit their website at www.southernhoney.com.

Their social media accounts are Facebook: Southern Honey Boutique and Instagram: @shopsouthernhoneyboutique

Southern Honey is open Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. and Jill says they gladly book private appointments, or arrange for folks to come in before or after hours if necessary.