Another season of football means another season of Guessing the Gridiron.

With this being my first year at the helm of the sports department here at the Empire-Tribune, I hope to come into this competition and make some noise quickly.

Throughout the season, seven others and myself will make weekly picks of who we think will come out on top in high school football, college and NFL games. It will truly test every one of our sports knowledge throughout not only the state, but the country as a whole.

The way I look at things like this is that thereís no one in the world thatís as knowledgeable as I am when it comes to football at all levels - but thatís where I get in trouble.

Notice itís usually not that individual who does all the research and preparation for fantasy football leagues or NCAA brackets that usually comes out on top. This competition takes a lot of knowledge, sure. But it also takes a bit of luck to be the champion.

This weekís picks feature a number of matchups throughout the high school ranks. There are, of course, the area teams, but also included are several district foes and marquee gridiron battles that will take place Friday night.

As the season moves along, weíre all looking forward to seeing who picks who, but more importantly, who will claim the title of Guessing the Gridiron champion.†