Hundreds of students, faculty, alumni and residents enjoyed Tarleton’s first-ever Welcome Home Celebration Thursday.

The event included food and drinks and live music by the Mike Stanley Band with Hannah Owens, and Larry Joe Taylor.

The event was hosted by the Tarleton Alumni Association, making LJT’s performance all the more special. Larry Joe is a TSU alumni and celebrated the occasion by playing a full band rendition of the TSU Fight Song.

The Mike Stanley band also had a strong performance despite their set being cut short due to fading sunlight. Stanley is a Waco native that called Stephenville home for many years.

The E-T caught up with Stanley and asked what it was like to share a stage with the legendary Larry Joe Taylor.

“We have known each other for so long,” said Stanley, “so it’s just like sharing the stage with a good friend.”

Students made the most of the occasion by dancing, throwing frisbees, hanging out and enjoying the food provided by the dinning hall.

Dr. Kyle McGregor, vice president for advancement and external relations, said they hope to make the event an annual one. 

Between the musical guests performance Lathes Towns, director of transition and family relations, and Jessica Evans, director of alumni engagement, entertained the crowd and took the opportunity to talk about the key pillars of Tarleton’s institution.

“I think the event was a success,” said Evans. “We did a great job at engaging the community, alumni and students and that’s what it was all about.”