Erath County officials have taken measures to declare the area an official disaster zone following historic rain and thunderstorms that have devastated parts of the county.

"These storms have caused widespread damage across the county," said John Wooley, Erath County emergency management coordinator. "We have bridges and roads - too many to count - that are in pretty bad condition."

Officials filed a local disaster declaration with the state Thursday night hoping to get funding for the repair effort. The declaration states that the county has received significant damage to residential homes and commercial businesses, roads, bridges, culverts and public facilities.

County Judge Tab Thompson said commissioners are working to assess the damage so they can estimate the cost of repairs.

He said most of the damage has been caused by widespread flooding.

"What we are seeing is that creeks and rivers that have not been flowing for years are now spilling over and washing out roads," Thompson said. "Some of these roads have already been repaired three times."

Now that the paperwork has been filed with the state, it will make its way to Gov. Greg Abbott's office.

If signed, FEMA representatives will come to Erath County to make their own assessment, release funding and begin repairs in order of urgency.