Erath County Sheriff Tommy Bryant said he thought he had heard it all - until Thursday - when a resident called reporting an old scam with a new twist.

"This is the most ridiculous scam I have ever heard," Bryant said. "Thankfully, the woman didn't fall for it, but these scammers target the elderly."

The woman told Bryant that she received a call from someone claiming to be her granddaughter.

The "granddaughter" was crying and said she was in Mexico with a friend who had been hit by a car and died.

But that's not all.

The "granddaughter" said that as she was on her way to make funeral arrangements for her friend, the cab she was riding in was pulled over - and had marijuana in it.

"She said she had been arrested and needed her grandmother to send $1,800 to an attorney at the U.S. Embassy," Bryant said.

Bryant called the number left by the scammers and it was traced to Quebec, Canada.

Meanwhile, the woman's real granddaughter was contacted and was fast asleep in her bed - at home.

"These scammers are ruthless and prey on people's emotions," Bryant said. "I can't say it enough - if you think you are being targeted in a scam, call me or the police department before sending any money."