The rain has had a widespread effect throughout Central Texas and youth sports haven’t been spared.

With severe weather in the area on what seems like every day, the Stephenville Parks and Recreation Department has been thrown into a situation which threatens to shorten recreational baseball and softball seasons.

About half of the games scheduled to have been played for 11 youth baseball and softball leagues and six adult leagues have been cancelled and are up for rescheduling.

“The fields haven’t gotten a break from the rain and it’s caused several of our fields that are made of dirt and clay to drain poorly, making playing on them impossible,” said SPARD Recreation Superintendent Brenda Haggard. “We’ve had so much rain that we’re kind of at a standstill right now and at Mother Nature’s mercy. We haven’t been able to get a game in on some of the fields since May 8.”

With rain still in the forecast, Haggard said SPARD is just trying to go with the flow (no pun intended). 

“This is just one of life’s lessons,” she said. “I’ve been in the area for 25 years and 15 years ago or so it used to flood up to the fields once or twice a summer. The flooding is kind of forgotten territory, but people think it’s just the water we deal with. You have to remember that with that comes all of the debris from trees, trash and silt. Our park crews have been battling a big time obstacle and they’re doing a good job.”

With playoff deadlines for youth leagues coming up, Haggard says that SPARD will do everything in its power to get as many games played as possible.

“The ultimate goal is of course to get all of the scheduled games in before the district deadline of June 20 for softball and June 27 for baseball,” she said. “However, sometimes people think the fields look fine and we’ll go and check them out only to find out that you’ll sink up to your ankles in the infield. We have to make sure the fields are safe for those playing. We can only control so much, and the weather isn’t one of those things.”