Dear Editor:

As lawmakers wrap up their work in Austin, we take note of the exceptional, conservative leadership Rep. J.D. Sheffield provided his district and small business owners all across Texas.

Rep. Sheffield fought for transparency in the Health and Human Services Commission and budget accountability and competition in taxpayer-funded healthcare. Ultimately, his action could help ensure all Texans have continued access to needed prescription medicines through the small business, independent pharmacies that operate in communities all across Texas.

Texas lawmakers directed the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to evaluate new delivery models for cost-effectiveness, increased competition, and improved health outcomes in Texas’ Medicaid program.

This state study is necessary due to lengthy and documented concerns about the negative impact of managed care and their out-of-state pharmacy benefit managers on small business owners, patients and all taxpayers.  Rep. Sheffield’s work seeks to address rising costs, unrealized savings, a lack of accountability and lack of transparency, without closing our small businesses.

We’re grateful for Rep. Sheffield’s steady leadership and dedication to conservative principles in taxpayer-funded programs.


Ed Horton, R.Ph.?

Tanglewood Pharmacy