Madison Kalsbeek is a senior at Stephenville High School who was voted MVP in district for soccer. Kalsbeek played for the Honeybees all four years at SHS and plans to attend Texas A&M in the fall.

The E-T caught up with Kalsbeek in the high school's library for a quick Q&A Tuesday.

E-T: How was getting voted MVP?

MK: It was pretty cool, I didnít think I was going to get it, but Iím glad I did.

E-T: How do they decide that?

MK: It was like a district vote at the district meeting. I was co-MVP with another girl.

E-T: How long have you played soccer?

MK: Iíve played since I was like four, I think. I was little.

E-T: What position do you play?

MK: Defense.

E-T: What is your favorite thing about the sport?

MK: I like the competition. Soccer is something I was good at and I fell in love with it.

E-T: Do you plan on playing soccer in college?

MK: Iíll play intramurals but not for the school.

E-T: What was your favorite class at SHS?

MK: Anatomy. I really like science and anatomy is something Iím just good at and I understood it so it just clicked. And the teacher was really good, Mrs. Huckabee.

E-T: What do you plan on studying in college?

MK: Iím going to major in allied health. Itís like biology but you donít have to take as many biology courses. I want to be a P.A. [physiciansí assistant] and thatís something a lot of them do there.

E-T: What food best describes you?

MK: [Laughs] I donít know! Oh my goodnessÖI guess something sweet because Iím pretty nice. I donít want to sound too into myself.†

E-T: What has been your biggest influence?

MK: My mom, sheís always pushed me to do my best and sheís always been there for me. Sheís the one who taught me everything.

E-T: Any shoutouts to add?

MK: Iíll give a shoutout to my coach, Casey Weil. Heís coached me for the past four years and Iíve enjoyed playing soccer for him.